Area that we low take care of

It is anything easy to talk about it at home. Girls can talk about it somewhere in restaurant or café, when they are going to backbite their men, but men don´t talk about it or they are so big dreamers that they tell only fairy tales, which are not right. There exist men, who have really rich experience, so they can teach you, but someone else can be shamed, so he rather does not hear these types of men, because he has a feeling that it is only cracker and they never do it. Shortly cracker, if when you have experiences, is not good, because it can stand you into bad light.

We do not discuses about it at home

This area of our intimate life is sometimes taboos for us. Someone does not talk about it, neither between partners or wife and husband. They do it classical the same, and they do not see anything bad on it. But here are people, who would like to tell something about it and they want to try something new. These things can be also erotic massage prague for men, who doesn´t like any uninterested excitement, which they can get without offers to sex or straight sexual acts. It is the most important for some of men; they can give everything that they have for a little bit privacy.

Area that we low take care of
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